Historical Perspective of Log Baskets

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The harnessing of fire and the technology for creating log baskets undoubtedly developed along parallel lines. In historical times, the Mycenaean Greeks undoubtedly created the progenitors of the modern log basket. While these marble log carriers were rather heavy, they provided a solid, secure means of transporting wood to the hearth.

The Dark Ages saw man returning once again to the leather satchels for carrying wood, but these wood bags now had wooden handles. In the late middle ages, the quasi-barbaric cultures of England and Europe began to show greater technological sophistication by crafting log baskets out of logs. These log baskets could be burned if logs ran out.

Our modern world has displayed its technological triumph by manufacturing log baskets in a plethora of styles that utilize a myriad of materials that will integrate perfectly with all interior decor motifs.


Of course, there will always be those nay sayers who will condemn log baskets as being ostentatious. They point out that people can merely stack a large number of logs in their arms and trundle them into the house, piling them precariously by the fireplace. As often as not, however, this results in the rather comedic disaster of the logs flying out of the conveyer’s arms or having the log pile collapse all over the new carpet. As can be clearly seen, a powerful case has now been built for the utilization of the venerable and much underrated log basket.


Those fire place owners who are into naturalism can still purchase leather log baskets that are similar to those used in the distant past. They are now reinforced with wood or steel and can exude a certain rustic charm. Along similar, noble savage lines are the various types of wood log baskets. These can be crafted using fine cherrywood or walnut or burl or bark-on rustic. In a tribute to American Indian craftsmanship, wicker log baskets have become increasingly popular. They are quite light in weight and perfectly blend with wicker furniture.

For those with art nouveau decor, there are log baskets of quaintly nostalgic elegance that mirror the naturalism of bark-on wood. The modernistic Art Deco fireplaces and decor demand the shimmering brass and copper log baskets that draw attention to the Promethean flame in a brass-bordered fire place. There are also circular and v-shaped log basket designs that can stunningly play off Art Moderne decor. For those with Tudor style houses and decor, the permanence of heavy wrought iron log baskets can finish off the heavy stone or brick hearth.


The multi-faceted designs that have been introduced into log basket decor in recent decades reflect the ever increasing interest in this pragmatic wood carrier that was born with man’s quest for fire.

If you enjoyed this article perhaps consider storing your firewood logs in a log basket.

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Historical Perspective of Log Baskets

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This article was published on 2010/10/21